System Maintenance

Standard downtimes for security and system enhancements occur every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 pm ET until approximately 1:00 am ET on the following day.

Next Standard Downtime:

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Master Series

Master series iconA monthly webinar series where users can learn how to use the most recent system enhancements and features, discover tips and tricks for the grants management process and hear about system best practices from GrantSolutions experts.

Next Master Series:

Non-Competing Continuations

Thursday, April 20, 2023 from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

To register, contact your Partner Services Representative.

Unified Experience

To help solve users current operational challenges, GrantSolutions is working to create a user-centric system that prioritizes core grants management business functions and streamlines the processing of grant awards while meeting the needs of GrantSolutions Partners.

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Upcoming Releases

The information listed below shares high-level planned system enhancements that address user requests and current operational needs. The enhancements listed will be available to the majority of the GrantSolutions partnership. Enhancements are listed by the quarter in which GrantSolutions currently plans to release them.


Updates to Grant Notes, Grants List, and Grant File

As part of the Unified Experience initiative, enhanced features and functionality will be added to the Grant Notes, Grant Details, and Grant File screens within Grants Management Services (GMM). For more information, visit the Unified Experience webpage.

Non-Discretionary Grant Recipients

Certain non-discretionary grant recipients will receive an enhanced Grant File, as part of the Unified Experience initiative. For more information, visit the Unified Experience webpage.

Standard Notice of Award

The standard Notice of Award (NOA) will be updated to include additional assistance types and a field (Box 27) for "Total Amount of the Federal Award Including Approved Cost Sharing or Matching this Project Period".

Automated Closeout Reminder Email Notification for Recipients

An automated "Closeout Reminder“ email notification will be created for recipients by Grant Program, reminding users of pending closeout of applications. Email notifications will be sent 30 days before, 14 days before, and the day after the period of performance ends.

For more information on this functionality, please contact your Partner Services representative.

Updates to the Manage Commitment by FOA Screen

Updates will be made to the Manage Commitment by FOA Screen to show the Commitment Details for Reconciled Transaction screen when all the funding applications for an announcement are complete and not in progress. It will also show reconciled commitment data for both prior and current year commitments. A “Show Previous Year” button will be displayed on the commitment history for the previous fiscal year.

For more information on this functionality, please contact your Partner Services Representative.

Last Quarter

Unique Entity Identifier

OMB has mandated moving from DUNS ( a unique identifier used when doing business with the Federal government) to a non-proprietary UEI requested in and assigned by The implementation date for the new UEI of April 4, 2022 has been determined by GSA.

Recipient Data Insights

Recipient Data Insights is a national risk management tool that launched in FY 22. Recipient Data Insights combines lessons learned from two previous risk management pilots and best practices from leaders of multiple Federal grant-making agencies.

This release will contain the following enhancements to Recipient Data Insights:

  • UEI Fields
    • Search by UEI
    • Search results includes UEI value
    • URL and Sidebar include UEI value
  • Search Screen
    • Seven most recently accessed organizations
  • Active Awards
    • Sub-agency graphic and table
  • Non-Profit Screen
    • Data Visualizations
    • IRS 990 PDF for additional (up to 3) years
    • Salaries above the Federal Executive Level II guidelines are flagged
  • Payment Screen
    • Data Visualizations
  • Dashboard
    • Reps & Certs data added to Compliance card
  • Single Audit
    • Additional data fields
    • Filter by assistance listing number
    • Audits submitted more than 9 months after the organization's fiscal year end date are flagged

"Not Started" Status for FFR and PPR in BI Reports

The "Not Started" Status in Business Intelligence (BI) Reports increases the likelihood of more on-time FFR and PPR submissions by allowing grantors to be more proactive in their communication with recipients. This functionality will help ensure recipients are in compliance with reporting requirements and reduces risk in issuing future awards.


Onboarding Activities

Onboarding activities are currently in progress for the Department of Labor (DOL) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).