2024 Revisions to the Uniform Grants Guidance

On April 4, 2024, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the 2024 Revisions to the Uniform Grants Guidance, the government-wide framework for grants management. The 2024 revisions are the most extensive updates to the Uniform Guidance since it was implemented ten years ago.

The updated guidance aims to improve stewardship of Federal funds, promote equitable access to programs and services, reduce the administrative burden for agencies, applicants, and recipients, and facilitate streamlined and effective oversight and implementation of Federal programs.

As with other government and legislative mandates, GrantSolutions is working with Partner agencies to ensure they are compliant with the new requirements set forth by OMB. GrantSolutions is implementing all system changes needed for government-wide standards. The GrantSolutions team is committed to assisting Partners as they interpret the guidance and decide how best to incorporate it into their grants business process in line with their agency-specific policies and procedures.

Focus Areas of the 2024 Revisions

The administration has categorized changes into the following six areas of focus.

Burden Reduction
Federal agencies are directed to use plain language, clarify provisions, and improve organization. The 2024 revisions aim to reduce the burden on recipients of Federal funds and allow recipients to increase the efficiency of their financial management.

Recipients can spend a portion of funding on evaluation activities to better understand the extent to which intended goals are being achieved beyond performance reporting and grant monitoring.

Recipients can spend a portion of funding on data gathering and analysis activities to improve program management and understand the extent to which their programs are reaching the affected populations and achieving the intended goals.

Community Engagement and Public Participation
Federal agencies and recipients are encouraged to conduct community engagement activities, and recipients are permitted to spend funds on public participation and community engagement activities.

Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs)
Federal agencies are directed to make their NOFOs simple, as short as possible, accessible to potential applicants, and written in plain language to increase the accessibility of Federal grants.

Labor and Administration
Labor standards and administrative policies are addressed for Federal grant awards to increase the potential impact of Federal funds.

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