GrantSolutions Program Service offerings support the mission-driven and complex work of Program Offices in the administration of grant programs. The offerings provide a suite of services that can be used as a comprehensive approach to establish performance measures, collect performance data, analyze results and report on program outcomes.

  • Monitor and provide oversight of grant programs and projects from within GrantSolutions to provide a seamless transition from award to post-award activities.
  • Eliminate data entry errors through pre-population of Grant Recipient data for performance reporting and communication
  • Gain greater insight into work activities and grant project performance as soon as performance data is submitted through GrantSolutions dashboards and business intelligence tools.
  • Demonstrate the value of grant program investments by capturing and analyzing the performance data that tells the story of grant programs.
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Performance Measurement and Design

Advisory services that assess program performance and assist in program design and program measurement. Examine program purpose, achievements, and impacts to assist with capturing Program Outcomes. Identify potential program benchmarks, economic models, data sources and opportunities for enhanced data analysis to assist Program Offices in “Telling the Story” of program impact and success.

  • Program Discovery & Literature Review
  • Analyze Performance Data & Enhanced Reporting
  • Recommendations to Improve Business Processes and Workflow
  • Review available Performance Data
  • Recommend Program Performance measures and Outcomes to capture Program impact

Service costs are determined based on the complexity (requirements, duration of work, resource type, etc.) and Partner's needs.

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Application Evaluation and Processing

Technology and support services that assist with peer reviewer recruitment and application evaluation to help identify the most successful grant applicants. Provides an all-inclusive solution to manage the grant application evaluation (Peer Review) process for a grant-making agency. Ensures the seamless organization, evaluation, and management of the grant application review lifecycle. This leads to fair and comprehensive reviews through a standardized process. Helps produce:

  • Shorter review timelines
  • Transparent and defensible processes
  • Improved resource allocation

Service costs are determined by the level of service, volume of applications, honorarium administration support, and number of panels and sessions required by the Partner.

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Grant Monitoring

The grant monitoring system provides a post-award case management tool to monitor, oversee, and report on the progress and performance of grant awards.

GrantSolutions leverages the grant award data to capture day-to-day interactions with the grant recipients, schedule and track site visits, document technical assistance, and perform recipient risk assessments. A single tool for all your monitoring needs:

  • Workflow automation streamlines the processes and repetition that strangles team throughput
  • Integration with other systems, services, and data sources
  • Convert raw data into meaningful and actionable information, knowledge, and insights

Service costs are determined based on the complexity (requirements, duration of work, resource type, etc.) and Partner's needs.

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Performance Data Analytics

Data visualizations and advanced data analytics that demonstrate how grant investments impact communities, powered by program-specific data collections. Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards develop meaningful analytics that highlight outcomes and impact of the program. BI dashboards allow users to view information at an executive level and quickly drill down into further detail. Custom data collection forms help agencies better understand their grants operations and the outcomes generated by their grant investments.

  • Visualize Key Performance Indicators to analyze program and recipient performance quickly
  • Program and Recipient score cards; convert data inputs to program outcomes
  • Track performance progress and outcomes to assist with program monitoring and oversight
  • Leverage and incorporate external data sets with performance data to highlight program demographics
  • Rapid development of new and customizable reports
  • Capabilities to track goals and outcomes of grant investments
  • Measurable ROI of grant investments

Service costs are determined based on the complexity (requirements, duration of work, resource type, etc.) and Partner's needs.

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Program Administration

Program Administration Support performs program administration activities and provide surge support, ranging from application, award processing and post-award management, to peer reviewer support and awardee communications.

  • Program administration activities
  • Surge support
  • Recommendations to improve business processes and workflow

Service costs are determined based on the Partner's needs.

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Communication and Outreach

Communications and outreach services help programs “tell the story” of their impact through videos, graphics, webpages, and recipient communications.

Service costs are determined based on the Partner's needs.

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