User-Centered Design at GrantSolutions

User-Centered design is a problem-solving technique that puts real people at the center of the development process, leading to the creation of products and services that resonate and are tailored to users’ needs.

To further the Biden-Harris Administration’s focus on customer service as outlined in Executive Order 14058, Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery To Rebuild Trust in Government, and the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), which prioritizes the delivery of excellent, equitable, and secure Federal services and customer experience. GrantSolutions is focused on enhancing usability and improving workflows within the system.

The GrantSolutions Unified Experience initiative, which began for recipient users two years ago, employs a User-Centered process that enables users to be engaged throughout the design and development process by participating in User Engagement Sessions. These sessions preview small portions of a specific feature or function, enabling users to provide feedback and suggestions at a time when their recommendations could be easily incorporated into the design.

The classic experience of the GrantSolutions system caused challenges for recipients by requiring them to dive into each grant to see critical information rather than getting a quick view. In the new experience, users are presented with high-level critical information up front, enabling a faster, more efficient workflow, resulting in 85% time savings.

In January 2023, GrantSolutions began working with grantor users to expand the Unified Experience initiative to solve their operational challenges and increase workflow efficiency for this group of users.

People are at the center of everything the Government does. In their daily lives and critical moments of need, people rely on Federal services to help support them through disasters, advance their businesses, provide opportunities for their families, safeguard their rights, and aid them in rebuilding their communities. That is why GrantSolutions centers its services around the people who use them—delivering simple, secure, effective, equitable, and responsive solutions to everyone the Government serves.

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